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Metallurgical plant n/a A.K. Serov..Director On Steelmaking Complex Reconstruction


Nikolay Vasilievich METELYOV

Nikolay Metelyov was born on December 17, 1937.

In 1966 Mr. Metelyov graduated from Ural Polytechnic Institute with a diploma of heat power engineer.

N. V. Metelyov started his labor activity in 1956 as an assistant driver at machinery department of the power plant. After graduation he worked as master and Head of oxygen plant. During 1969-81 he served as Chief Power Engineer of the plant. From 1997 Nikolay Metelyov was Deputy Technical Director, Technical Director and Chief Engineer.

From March 2004 N. V. Metelyov held a post of Deputy Director on steelmaking complex reconstruction.

Mr. Metelyov is an owner of two patents for development.

N. V. Metelyov is a winner of V. E. Groom-Gruzhailo Award.

Nikolay Metelyov was awarded with the Honorary Badge "For Outstanding Service to Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company".

N. V. Metelyov is a Honorary Employee of the Plant.

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