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The history of Metallurgical plant n/ a A.K. Serov dates back to the end of XIX century and is connected with construction of Trans-Siberian railroad. The plant was founded on March 29, 1894 and it constituted a part of Bogoslovskoe mining area. Upon foundation the plant was called "Nadezhdinskiy" in honor of Nadezhda Mikhailovna Polovtseva, the owner of the area and wife of A.A. Polovtsov, a member of the Privy Council and the State Council. Alexander Andreevich Auerbach, a famous mining engineer and general manager of Bogoslovskoe mining area was in charge of designing and construction works. The plant consisted of blast-furnace shop open-hearth and rolling plants and service departments.

On January 19, 1896 the first steel was produced and on March 3, 1896 the first railroad rails were rolled. The plant started commercial operation and supplied rails for construction of railroad. 3th of March, 1896 is considered to be the date of establishment of the plant.

Nadezhdinskiy plant was regarded as the largest plant in Ural metallurgy in pre-Revolutionary Russia because of its production output and technique, its equipment was produced by German, French and Belgian companies.

In 1913, on the threshold of the World War I, Nadezhdinskiy plant produced more than 20% of the total output of ferrous metals in Ural. The main plant's products from 1896 to 1931 were railroad rails, roof steel, section steel, billets for shells and refractories. In 1931, rolling of square and round billets of different sections. A drastic change in development of the plant and its specialization took place. At that time Nadezhdinskiy plant played an important role in providing developing domestic machine building with high quality steel. Production of rails and roof steel was finished and the plant commenced manufacture of high quality section steel for machine building. In 1933 a calibration shop was branched out (production of calibrated rolled metal using cold drawing method, lathe turning and abrasive grinding).

During 1941-1945 the plant became the main domestic supplier of high quality metal for defense purposes. It mastered casting and rolling of more than 100 different grades of high quality steel alloyed by chromium, molybdenum, nickel, vanadium, titanium. In 1975 a new department of the calibration workshop for production of oil pumping rods and rods for submersible pumps was established. In 1995 the plant was given the certificate of RF proving its status of "Leader of Russian Economy" by the decision of the Expert Economic Council on the base of UN Committee techniques for industrial development. Nowadays Metallurgical plant n/ a A.K. Serov is one of the leading producers of high quality steel conforming to domestic and foreign standards. In 2000, when the plant entered UMMC, a large-scale reconstruction of steelmaking complex was initiated. In 2003 the first stage of reconstruction was completed upon installation of an out-of-furnace steel treatment plant produced by an Italian company Daniely (ladle furnace). These days the second stage of reconstruction is being conducted at the plant, it comprises installation of an electric arc furnace complex (DSP-80) and vacuumator.

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